Testimonials from our customers

“I bought these nasal strips, and they are amazing for cold season and they work WONDERFUL to stop my husband from snoring!!! Now I know where to go to buy them, and thanks again."

-Shelly M. (via email)

Our customers love our nasal strips because they work for them. Here are some of the many comments they have sent to us. Send us your opinions, and we'll add them to this page.

“SUPERIOR PRODUCT! BETTER THAN ANY OTHER BRAND. These are the absolutely BEST on the market. The Breathe Right the "name" brand stinks like chemicals (as many of them do) Yuck! [Silver Eagle Labs™ Nasal Strip] is LATEX FREE and has the right amount of adhesive to stay on but not pull your skin off. [Silver Eagle Labs™ Nasal Strip] does NOT stink like chemicals and is absolutely the best best best (tried multiple brands) I also think these are made in USA (but I am not looking at my box right now). You will be completely happy and a repeat customer with [Silver Eagle Labs™ Nasal Strip] (no I don't work for them :) I just love love love this product."

- Patricia, Seattle, WA

“Great Product & Latex Free. I was thrilled to find some Latex Free nasal strips. Friends had recommended that I try some and these were the ones I bought. They work amazingly well! My main recommendation with these is to wash your nose with rubbing alcohol or a strongish, drying, soap before you put them on. This will help to guarantee that they stick at the ends, where your nose tends to be the most oily, as this is where they are really doing their work of opening your breathing passages. Having tried these, I am a believer! I just ordered a 6 month supply!"

- Collette

“I used to use the brand that's available everywhere, but their quality dropped off, and I developed an allergy to them (probably due to LATEX). This brand is a better quality (sticks better) and no allergy problems. After a couple of weeks of use, I'm quite satisfied."

- MP

"Great option for those seeking alternatives. The [Silver Eagle Labs™ Nasal Strip] option is a great alternative to other nasal strip brands. I had tried multiple brands before this one and have always found them slightly annoying for one reason or another, but [Silver Eagle Labs™ Nasal Strip] has provided a great alternative in that it provides the following comforts: adhesive that is the correct amount to stay on until the next morning, no odor, design that does not interfere with your natural look and honestly the strips fit comfortably without any distraction. With the above great features also comes the actual effectiveness of the product and I honestly feel that I have been able to sleep better and longer by actually being able to breathe. Overall I think [Silver Eagle Labs™ Nasal Strip] is providing a great alternative to main brands that have existed for years and I look forward to using this when needed if not on a daily basis."

- Alvin C.